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Aizawa chalked it up to the problem child finally understanding how dangerous his analysis getting out was and keeping it contained. He justified it saying the kid had gotten more serious, focused (jaded, a voice in his head whispered. He brushed it off.) He had more things to worry about as the villian attacks got worse as days went by.


cyber-phobia: "Teachers of UA " See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wannaGentrychild. Summary: A short story about Midoriya Izuku meeting some past classmates from Alderan middle school. ... Something about Izuku being a Problem Child. "Midoriya? Is that you?" someone called him. Izuku slowed down, immediately recognizing the voice, before he stopped completely. Two boys his age, that he had seen on the road a ...

granny-griffin said: oh I was imagining like…a car seat for a child and it's purple…guess anon and I are both wrong 😂 it's cool to hear the actual origin of your url!! Answer: Oh that works actually!This is a fantastic solution to the wall-o-tags problem on AO3 and I truly appreciate it and will promote this skin whenever the opportunity presents itself! <3. That being said, I probably won't personally use this skin since it doesn't appear to have either a night mode or a sepia version.