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This app is the closest I could get to getting immersive mode to work how it did before the Android 11 update broke it. I tried all the ADB fixes and apps with no success. The app doesn't work in Google Maps which is a pain in the ass, and you need to switch the keyboard on from the pull-down notification but it works in every other app okay.

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Android: Some apps in Android can enter what's known as "immersive mode" which hides your buttons and status bar, giving you extra space. This Tasker action lets you enable this mode for any ...


May 15, 2014 · Luckily, you can enable immersive mode on a per-app basis by using Hamzah Malik's Force Immersive Mode, a spinoff of MohammadAG's original Immerse Me mod. This version of immersive mode lets you choose what apps use it, and which ones don't, for that perfect balance. Android 10 also features a new system-wide dark mode, potentially extending battery life and making the device's screen a bit less harsh on the eyes. The upgrade also includes many new ...Android Kiosk Mode is a mechanism that locks Android mobile phones or tablets screens and limits your device access into a single-app mode or applications of your choice. In addition, applying Kiosk Mode in Android devices lets you whitelist websites, lockdown kiosk browser and ensure browser security by configuring the device's peripheral settings such as WiFi, hotspot, volume, and more.

A tutorial on how to enable Immersive Mode system-wide (or on a per-app basis) without requiring root access. Works on all Android 4.4+ devices.There's no doubt that Samsung really took things more seriously when it comes to software updates, especially the major ones. A month after Google released Android 10, the manufacturer announced the Android 10-based One UI 2.0 beta for the Galaxy S10 series, followed by the Galaxy Note 10/10+, and the Galaxy Note 9.. Ever since the commencement of the beta program, the Galaxy S10 device ...